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Paradigm Shift

Following our blog entitled Walking the digital walk in business we discussed the benefits of having a digitally enabled workforce. Whilst creating a stable environment for physicality is important this is just the first step.

To continue along the digital pathway energy leaders should visualise new opportunities when up skilling and sourcing resource capabilities for roles which a decade ago were likely dismissed as irrelevant.

Here are 5 resource strategies to include in a digital transformation business model:

  1. Redefining existing roles dispelling the illusion that automation means redundancies.
  2. Retraining functional staff on new system changes so they can make valued contributions.
  3. Recruiting top talent to plug the workforce gap unleashing emerging technologies.
  4. Providing a safer operational backdrop for those working in the field.
  5. Making way for the inclusion of digitally savvy millennials who represents the workforce of the future.

The cautious approach no longer fits into the digital spectrum as competitors embrace the paradigm shift, showing their hand by accelerating technology plans quicker than before the pandemic.

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