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VERITAS is a New Online Approach to the Inspection Agency Service

The VERITAS inspection management platform is unique to industry to address the essential pillars of speed, quality and consistency, leveraging state of the art, digital solutions, inspector interfacing, semi-automated interface and work flow management, with workflow supervision and inspection report/deliverable review and evaluation prior to release to client.

VERITAS offers a new generation solution designed to enhance and disrupt the Inspection Management business.

VERITAS offers an optimised solution to match client requests for specific expertise with technical resources who are closest to the inspection location and who confirm their availability immediately, via app based technology on personal phones or texts.

The client is offered the top 3 most aligned resources to the requested need, who have confirmed their interest and all-inclusive cost to travel and complete the requested activity scope and requested the most competitive lump sum price to deliver the service.

Once the preferred inspector is selected by the client, he/she then receives all assignment specific instructions and documentation and must confirm review and preparation prior to the assignment activity starting, being able to clarify with the client, prior to starting work.

The app based technology not only allows the inspector to confirm interest to take on an assignment, but also to confirm their acceptance, preparation for the assignment and when the work has commenced and been completed, with the inspection reports being uploaded directly for review and validation prior to dispatch to the client.

The VERITAS solution is not simply about work flow management, but also the competency maintenance of the inspector, enabling inspectors to upload and update all CV records with newly acquired skills, qualification and competencies directly on a continual basis, which are validated and verified by the VERITAS team before being published and presented to clients for specific work requests.

This innovative approach to shortening the chain between Client and Inspector, yet ensuring core principals for competency, quality and excellence are retained, is a paradigm change in the inspection agency service provision, leveraging digital solutions to radically improve the service provision and pass on the significant cost savings to the client.



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